''Michael is simply a brilliant driving instructor. Before I started lessons with him, I had been half-heartedly learning on-and-off with 3 different instructors over 5 years, having failed my practical test twice, my theory expiring, and, above all, losing my confidence. Meanwhile my younger brother had learnt and passed first time with Michael, and it now seems such a shame (as well as waste of time and money!) that I hadn't known about Michael earlier. He helped rebuild my confidence, and his fun yet effective teaching method helped me begin to enjoy driving again. Without trying to cut corners, he pushed me just the right amount, and his meticulous attention to detail stamped out the many bad habits I had developed over the years. It is only thanks to Michael that I am now a confident driver and passed my test first time with him after starting lessons again after so long. I have since recommended Michael to a friend who also passed first time - a success rate he sees across the vast majority of pupils, and one which you can't really beat!''

A Gleeson


Learning how to drive was easy with Michael as my instructor. As a nervous driver, his friendliness, patience and encouragement made all the difference. I can safely say that I am more confident on the road having learnt under him. He has tons of experience and teaches all the manoeuvres in a simple and effective way for you to remember. Also, his knowledge of the Barnet test area is amazing. We had practised the exact route I took during the test which made it so much easier. It felt just like a normal lesson as the examiner repeated all the instructions that Michael had said, except without the fun! I can whole-heartedly recommend Michael to anyone learning how to drive. His laid back, can-do attitude combined with thorough teaching puts you at ease and he always does his best to arrange lessons around your schedule. Thank you Michael!

Alex Pang


'Great driving instructor. Said I was an impetuous driver just a week before my test but I still passed first time!'

Josh Bourne


Michael was an outstanding instructor. He was patient, helpful and incredibly good at teaching. His sense of humour never failed to lighten the mood in the car. I passed my driving test first time, which is testament to his teaching skill. He gave me the confidence even in the most tricky situations. I would recommend him to anyone looking to learn to drive.

Simon Morgan


I would highly recommend Michael .A top quality instructor and a top bloke I passed first time. It took ten days from first lesson to test pass thanks to Michael I am over the moon.

T. Mccarthy


Michael always gave me precise instructions to ensure that I never developed bad habits and that I learnt fool-proof techniques which ensured I knew what to do in any situation on the road or in manoeuvres so that I passed first time. This gave me confidence on the road and ensured I would remember these good habits long after passing. I always looked forward to my lessons not only because Michael made driving fun, rather than a daunting experience, but also because he has a great sense of humour – he certainly never lets you forget any mistakes, especially the stupid ones! He is a very patient and reliable instructor, and was very flexible so that I could learn during my A-levels. I travelled from St Albans to take my lessons and Michael was very flexible in terms of time and place for each lesson which was really helpful. I enjoyed his lessons so much I even chose to do Pass Plus with him after I had passed, to make me a safer driver. He has a great success rate and I would highly recommend him

Edward Butler-Caddle


I couldn't recommend Michael more to anyone who wants to pass their test. Because I was at university when learning how to drive, finding time for lessons was a challenge (I could only do so when I came back to London for the holidays), and Michael was always flexible and helped me fit in as many lessons as possible in a minimum of time. I was able to pass my test first time, with less than 5 months of driving. Michael is great not only at teaching you how to drive properly, but also at giving you the confidence to take your own decisions on the road, which with me was a challenge! He knows the perfect balance between being friendly and being serious. He prepared me so well for the test that I actually enjoyed taking it. He made driving not only seem a lot easier than I first thought it would be, but also made it fun. It's a shame really he couldn't still be there in all of my car journeys!

Léa Wenger


After four different driving instructors and two failed tests I was ready to give up but Michael was recommended to me. I am now the owner of a driving licence and am on the roads in my own car and I couldn't of done it with out him!

Becky Bailey


'Michael was an amazing driving instructor. Not only does he have unbelievable patience but also a great sense of humour to go with it. Even on the days when my driving wasn’t so good he always managed to build up my confidence and make me realize that I could do it. Michael prepares you so well for the test and this was evident as I passed first time. He made the lessons fun and informative preparing you for many years on the road!'

Lara Rosen


Michael was an excellent driving instructor and I highly recommend him to anyone of any ability. I passed first time, with only two minors, and that was down to Michael preparing me unbelievably well so that there was no way I could fail. The lessons were always fun and enjoyable, yet serious when they needed to be so that I would learn from my mistakes. Michael is incredibly friendly and loves a good chat during lessons, making you feel at ease and comfortable when driving. He is very patient, and won’t let you lose your confidence even if you are making mistakes at the beginning. Michael was brilliant, and I 100% recommend him!

Dan Cohen


Before you were recommended to me, I have had lessons from 4 other instructors. I stopped keeping a count on the number of driving tests I took. I believed ( rather made to believe) that passing was just a matter of luck. Thanks to you, I now realise it is not all luck ! Appreciate the effort you have put into changing my brain 'that thought and reacted like that of a pedestrian to that of a driver! The patience, professionalism, commitment all that you showed up in lessons convinced me that I was in safe hands. For once, I had an instructor who genuinely wanted me to pass! Thanks a zillion! I will gladly recommend you to anybody who wants to learn to drive.

Lekha Abraham


"As a touring musician I have a VERY busy schedule and only have, at MOST, 2 to 3 weeks at home in London every 3 or 4 months. During a 3 week window of opportunity, I decided to use my time wisely and researched driving instructors in my area. Passmaster came very highly recommended by a friend of mine and I explained that I had a VERY limited amount of time in which to get my license. Before I knew it, 3 weeks later I had learned how to drive and successfully passed my test at my first attempt! Passmaster certainly lives up to his name and I can confidently say that if it had not been for him I would still be hailing taxis with my instrument and suitcase everywhere around the world! I would highly recommend Passmaster to anyone who wants to learn how to drive quickly and safely. No matter what your situation is, Passmaster will ensure you're in good hands so book your lessons now! :)"

Alex Kolubayev


I hit my 30th birthday, decided it was high time I learnt how to drive and had the good fortune to be put in contact with Michael. I had zero driving experience - what on earth is a clutch? Michael patiently coached me through from my very first time behind the wheel until last week, when I passed my test first time! He is calm, easy-going and really good fun - while also being extremely thorough. He has very high standards, but never makes you feel like it's a slog. The only downside to passing the test was saying goodbye!

Katharine Laver


I had driving lessons with Michael from PassMaster and I passed my driving test at first attempt and with one minor mistake of observation while reversing. He is great driving instructor and I would recommend his service if you want to pass you're driving test at first attempt.

Ernold Alushi


Not only is Michael one of my close family friends, he is also an amazing driving instructor. A very nervous driver, he assured me, and understood where i was at when it came to driving. With a personality like his, and his fantastic skills as an instructor, I was driving in no time. Even through the tears, we would always have a giggle, and I miss my driving lessons with him now. Im sure you will never forget driving with me, and good luck teaching my siblings!
P.S I still need to buy you the malteasers i promised.

Hannah O'Boyle


"I would without hesitation recommend Passmaster to anyone in the Barnet area. Before starting lessons with Michael I had undertaken a large number of lessons with two other instructors and failed three driving tests. A combination of fear and not understanding key concepts/processes meant I was stuck in a rut and dreaded driving lessons. Thankfully I was recommended Passmaster by a friend who had 4 siblings, all of which passed first time. By starting off with nailing the basics and ironing out silly mistakes my confidence grew. Michael has both great patience and an appropriate sense of humour which meant I looked forward to lessons and steadily progressed. I also felt confident that I was being pushed further each week so that I wasn't having pointless lessons. Finally everything clicked into place and sure enough I passed first time (with Michael!) and am now a confident but careful driver. If he can help me pass then I feel sure he can help anyone! In my opinion, PassMaster is the best company in the area to learn to drive with."

Gemma Holmes, 25


Michael was the best driving instructor for me. He was very professional but we could still have a laugh at the same time, he's also very patient and encouraging when my confidence was low. He says he knows everything and he does but sometimes you can get one up on on him. Ha-ha. I took my driving test but didn't feel I was ready to do it, but as normal Michael knew everything and I passed first time and, would you believe, WITH NO MINOR MISTAKES!
He also taught my brother who passed first time too.

Mia Francis-Burnett


With much dedication and hard work, Michael had helped me to pass my first practical test within three intensive weeks. Learning to drive is one of most challenging things I have done in my life. It requires physical coordination, precision, good awareness and decisions all at once. Michael understands this really well and with tremendous experiences to help the student to pass the driving test but more importantly teaching them to become a safe driver on the roads. He is nothing but a perfectionist and to me sometimes he can very strict and testing you to the limit and against the pressures. I think to accomplish anything that is worth having requires good knowledge from a teacher, Michael was definitely able to deliver it, and also much faith in oneself. Thank you Michael for helping me to achieve my goal in such short time, the roads might not always be filled with rose petals but it was all worth it :-)!

Narisa Chaiyathana


I would recommend Michael without hesitation to anyone who would like to save money on driving lessons. If you want to be able to pass as quickly as possible, Michael is the best instructor there is. I passed after 13 lessons. He is so easy to get on with, patient and quick at recognising and then eradicating any bad habits that you may pick up, moulding you into the perfect driver. He makes the lessons fun and enjoyable and loves a good chat along the way. Michael doesn’t do pointless lessons; every lesson has a specific focus in which he pushes you and allows your confidence to grow. When learning the manoeuvres, Michael breaks each step down into simple tasks which are easy to remember through the use of picture cards which help visualise the movement. 100% recommend to anyone for a quick pass!!

Rob Cohen
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Before I had Micheal as a driving instructor, I had been learning for years and had failed three tests with various driving instructors. This had really affected my confidence and definitely given me some bad driving habits. I learnt with Micheal intensively for two weeks and, despite not being used to his car or the style of driving in London, (I had previously learnt in Suffolk), I passed my test the day my theory test expired! I was so glad Micheal was recommended to me by a friend who also passed first time with him - he is a fantastic teacher and a very nice guy!

Fi Morris 24


When I first started driving I was ridiculously nervous and felt like I would never pass! I hated it, and was close to giving up. Mick’s relaxed attitude and clear instructions gained my confidence, by the end of my lessons I actually enjoyed driving, something I never thought I would do! In tense situations where I panicked, Mick would let me stop afterwards and relax, and go through what had happened, this helped me learn to deal with similar situations in the future. If my lessons had been boring I probably would have given up but Mick made the lessons fun and we always had a laugh. When I took my test I was really nervous, but at the same time I felt ready, because I knew he would not late me take it if he had any doubts I would fail. It took a while but I passed with only 3 minors, really pleased I kept driving and didn’t give up, I would recommend Mick to everyone and definitely couldn’t have passed without him!!.

Sian Jarvis


Michael is a fantastic driving instructor, he has the best 1st time pass rate i've heard of, in one of the toughest test centres in london, he is accommodating, always had enjoyable lessons, and not once did he cancel on me (unlike nearly all other driving instructors i've been told about by friends). I passed my test quickly and with no problems or complications, and I owe that to Michael, great fun, great teacher, I recommend him 100%!

Matthew Gleeson


Michael was a great instructor and helped me pass first time after only 3 months. Every lesson would be done in test like conditions so when it came to the big day there were no unexpected surprises. He was very kind and always on time to every lesson!

Adam Whittenberg


If you're looking for a driving instructor in Barnet, I can thoroughly recommend Passmaster Driving School. Michael is such a good driving instructor, he provides expert guidance, builds confidence, always on-time, (unlike me) and actually made the lessons interesting and fun. In my case he achieved the near impossible taking a nervous, novice driver and changing them into someone who was able to sail through the test first time within four months.
Thanks again Michael.

Charlotte Farrell


I had Michael teach me for just over 4 months. I was originally very nervous about driving but he created a very relaxed and professional environment where I felt comfortable to learn in. I was very relieved after my test passing first time with 0 minors, even with the supervising examiner sat in the back!
I would strongly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to drive!

Adam Jarvis


Driving lessons with Michael were always relaxed and fun! Even when you stall the car and roll out in to a very busy main road - thank goodness for Michael's skill and dual controls! Without driving lessons with Michael, I would definitely not be the competent and confident driver that I am today.

Jessica Durward-Akhurst


Having previously failed two tests under an instructor from another company, I was close saying I’d had enough, until Mike was recommended to me by a friend and I thought I’d give him a try, which turned out to be a very wise decision. Mike is a great instructor, good with his time keeping, and really knows what he’s doing, which in turn made the lessons enjoyable, and helped me feel confident with driving. With Mike as my instructor I was once again enjoying learning to drive, and passed my test shortly after thanks to the help that he gave me, and would definitely recommend him to anyone.

Ross Anderson


Mike was a great driving instructor and guided me through every step, from learning the basics to helping me pass my test first time. Mike was always calm and never raised his voice, no matter how big the mistake was. Driving lessons with Mike were fun and I learnt a great skill of being able to have a conversation whilst driving, something which I still use today! Mike was very encouraging and gave me confidence in my driving. I left every lesson knowing that I had learnt something new or improved my driving skills in general. The handouts of the manoeuvres were also very helpful and I was able to read up on them before my test. Mike made me enjoy learning to drive and as such I have recommended him to my friends and I would recommend him to everyone wanting to learn how to drive.

Dan Hart


Well well, mikey! Just thought I'd drop a little message to say hello, seeing as you actually did the impossible, and got ME driving. Tough challenge that was! I'm gonna miss the jokes, I'm gonna miss 'em. Hope you're all good and there aren't any other pupils that are causing you more stress than I did (Unlikely!). But yeah, thanks for teaching me & my driving will do you proud, I can assure you.
P.S. its angela. Just incase you forgot me, that's pretty unlikely too!

Angela Cela


What a great driver instructor Michael is! I struggled with my confidence a lot but Michael gave me the confidence and reassurance i needed and made me pass 1st time with him! If he can get me to pass he can get anyone to pass!
Thank you so much Michael

Amy Van der wens


Michael is a great driving instructor and I would recommend him to everyone. He makes driving lessons enjoyable and you leave every one looking forward to the next. He is excellent at helping you to improve your driving and is easy to talk to. The CD's which he gave me for my theory were very useful and I felt confident and prepared for my practical test. After having passed first time I can honestly say I am very happy that I was recommended to Michael.

Bradley Lobetta


Michael was a great teacher. Always very helpful and calm, especially when you yourself were having a heart attack, because you kept stalling on a round about. I passed first time, along with two of my sisters and my brother also.
I've always recommended him to others. And they have found him a good teacher also.

Joseph Carey


Micheal is an incredibly patient driving instructor, incredibly friendly and good at making you feel at ease and most importantly, great at teaching you how to drive! Me and 3 of my siblings all passed first time with Micheal, cannot recommend him highly enough

Bernard Carey


Right. Where do i start. if you want to learn to drive and PASS first time, passmaster is the man for you. Whilst doing lessons with michael u learn to drive the right and proper way, i would most definetely recommend you pick him. All lessons are to a great standard, your progression will be good, and before you know it you'll be driving!

Taylor Hine


I chose Passmaster because 3 of my siblings had already passed first time, being taught by Michael. I would recommend Michael to anyone in the area. He made learning to drive an enjoyable experience and, whist he was an utter professional, we always had a giggle too. I steadily gained confidence and, as a result, even enjoyed my driving test, passing first time!

Caitriona Carey


i am 21 years old i started to learn to drive with micheal early last year. I chose to learn to drive with him because my sister was taught by him and plassed first time, i also passed both my theory and practical tests first time due to his wide knowledge and experience and went on to do pass plus with him which i found very useful. He is very friendly and i would definately reccommend that you learn to drive with him.

Andrew Staines



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